COVID-19 and other important updates

A note from Nevada Reed, M.D.

I’ve been asked by many of my patients and friends about my thoughts on covid vaccination. Having recently gotten a Moderna shot #1 myself, I took some time to careful review all of the evidence. After doing so, my advice to my patients is to get the vaccine when they can! The vaccine is doubly important to those with underlying medical conditions, including seizures, heart and lung disease, mobility limitations, obesity, diabetes and more.
New medical interventions can seem scary! Add to that the lack of full FDA approval (just on emergency authorization) and the general stress of our pandemic environment and the worried feelings are understandable! Having said that, the mRNA technology used in the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine has been studied for years, which is why it was able to be produced so quickly. After reading the original papers (linked below) I feel confident in the data and in mRA technology, which is safer in many ways than traditional vaccines! I am also linking an article and a podcast about mRNA technology which is really worth the time to get a better understanding of it!
Also some quick myths to debunk:
- The covid vaccine is NOT linked to infertility. This article may be from WebMD, but has a clear concise explanation.
- You CAN get the vaccine if you have allergies to oral medications, foods, bees or environmental allergens - even with a history of anaphylaxis. Only those with a history of allergic reaction to injectables (IV contrast, shots) need to be more cautious. The rate to date of anaphylaxis is 11 per 1,000,000 covid vaccines given (0.001%).
A lot of recommendations in medication sound scary - chemo, open heart surgery - but we trust in the science. I feel we should do the same now with the covid vaccine. Hope this information is helpful to you! #thisisourshot.

New App!  

A few months ago, even before COVID-19, we felt the need for connection. A place where our families could connect with each other while caring for their special needs children. We partnered with Vitalxchange to test their community app on a small group of interested families in April 2020. It was a great success! Today, our community on Vitalxchange is almost 100 strong and we have seen enough value to expand it to include all our families and include our staff as well to serve you better! We have a strong feeling that you will be delighted with what we have in store for you in our new Community! Now more than ever, we need each other. We are very excited to bring you this great connectivity platform so you are never alone.

Starting this week, we will be pushing all our important announcements and other resources through this app. So be sure to signup!

Do make sure that when you sign up for the app use code KIDSLINK to be automatically subscribed to the KidsLink channel.

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KidsLink Neurobehavioral Center is now providing direct on site services.  We continue to provide all services via telehealth where applicable.  These services include appointments with our physician, NP, Psychologists, BCBAs, OTs, PT and Speech Therapists.

We are implementing extensive precautionary measures to keep our staff and clients safe during on site appointments.  Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment is utilized by all staff with additional cleaning and sanitizing measures being performed between each appointment and at regularly scheduled times throughout the day.

We look forward to seeing you either in person or virtually! 

Please contact Katrina Mullen, Director of Client Engagement, Facilities Management and Strategic Planning, with any questions.

Stay safe and healthy!


Our full medical, psychological and therapy teams remain available to support your child’s healthcare needs. Please feel free to request refills and call with questions as usual.

Thank you for your patience as we navigate this uncharted experience. Attached are some links that may be useful for talking with your child:
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