About Neurobehavioral Center

Christmas Eve, 2006, Dr. Nevada Reed, Dr. Michelle DePolo and Dr. Jocelyn Geib got into a discussion of proper care for children with Autism and other developmental disabilities. The three had become friends through a mutual interest and specialization in the area of Autism. They imagined a clinic that could offer appropriate care for children that was not dictated by insurance companies in terms of length of appointments, location, or frequency of services.

They added to their circle of believers and on September 5, 2007, KidsLink Neurobehavioral Center was born. In 2010 the KidsLink School was added to continue the vision of linked services. And the vision continues to grow. Welcome to KidsLink!

Our Mission Statement

At KidsLink, we have a full team of professionals to link the pieces of treatment, for total care of your child. We believe that…

  • Children with neurological and psychological diagnoses need a coordinated team of medical and related service professionals to provide total care for their diverse needs.
  • Treatment services must be individualized and provided in a child-friendly environment.
  • Family support and education is critical to the success of children with special needs.
  • Recreational and leisure activities are important to promote social, communication and daily living skills, as well as to enhance quality of life.

Our Approach To Individualized Treatment

At KidsLink, we recognize how multiple settings impact the development and behavior of children with special needs. We strive to promote collaboration among the home, school and community-based settings as we provide comprehensive services to children with autism and other developmental disabilities. In addition, we embrace an interdisciplinary approach to intervention, including collaboration among medical professionals, mental health professionals, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, educators, and related services personnel, as deemed appropriate to meet the comprehensive needs of our child patients and their families.

When providing treatment to children and families, we implement only those interventions for which there exists scientific evidence to support their effectiveness and utility. This primarily includes the implementation of medical, behavioral and cognitive-behavioral approaches to treatment. We are also committed to ongoing progress monitoring and observation so we are better able to determine if the child’s behavior is changing as a result of intervention