C.A.L.M. Group (Calming your Anxiety and Lifting your Mood) is a psychology based group for children and teens that targets symptoms of anxiety, depression and physiological symptoms of stress. It is designed to build resilience from and lessen feelings of anxiety and depression as well as provide tools for stress management. Participants should have generally average speech and language skills. Please contact the office for information on current programs.

Teen Groups for Middle School age and High School age – Teen groups are a psychology-based social group for students with social anxiety, ADHD or high-functioning autism. The groups are divided into Teen (MS)  and Teen (HS). Teens are able to discuss issues and social situations that they encounter at school and learn to problem-solve together in a therapeutic setting. Community activities are provided which help to allow practice of social skills in a natural setting. To benefit from this program, participants should be in a regular education curriculum with age-appropriate verbal skills.

Young Adult Group – This is a psychology-based social group for Young Adult Group who have graduated high school with Asperger disorder, high functioning autism, or social anxiety disorder and have difficulty being in group settings. The program is designed to improve social skills and increase social engagement with same-age peers. Community activities appropriate for young adults provide the opportunity to practice the skills taught.

For  additional  information  including  group  schedules  and  how  to  enroll,  please  contact  our  office  by  calling  330-963-8600  or  by  email  at