Internships in Autism and Developmental Disabilities for College Students

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The KidsLink Family of Services, located in Streetsboro, Ohio is seeking College Students looking for Internships in Autism and Developmental Disabilities. We work with kids ages 2-22 who have behavioral and developmental disabilities, such as autism and related diagnoses.

Why do a Clinical Internship with the KidsLink School?

  • Observe many different disciplines working collaboratively (e.g., Teachers, Psychologists, BCBAs, Speech Pathologists, Occupational therapists, ABA therapists, etc.)
  • Attend and observe weekly clinical and behavioral treatment team meetings
  • Gain exposure to a variety of special needs populations (e.g., Autistic Disorders, Down Syndrome, Cognitive Impairments, Genetic Disorders)
  • Observe crisis management experts at work
  • Engage in meaningful experiences helping students reach their goals
  • Gain valuable training experience you can add to your resume

What types of experiences will I have?

  • Respond to non-urgent classroom requests to support our teachers and students
  • Provide students and staff with short breaks for the restroom, water, etc, as needed
  • Assist with transitioning students to and from transportation
  • Provide students with proactive breaks for coping and self-regulation
  • Help create new student materials given directives from team members
  • Assist in the lunchroom with prep, clean up and other activities of daily living
  • Assist in ensuring the end of day closing schedule is complete
  • Assist in maintaining the organization of safety equipment throughout the day
  • Attend before and after school day training and staff meetings
  • 4 month to 12 month experiences
  • 6 hours-12 hours/week

Please send an updated resume to